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15s: Fall 2015

vs BYU: L

vs Navy: L 10-19

vs CC: W 26-12

vs CSU: W 34-12

Air Force @ UNM

31 October

CU @ Air Force


Army @ Air Force

8 November

Regionals @ USAFA

21-22 November

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7s: Spring 2015

CSU Tournament: 1st Place

24-5 pool vs Colorado Springs

61-5 pool vs UNC

19-0 semi vs Idaho State

36-0 final cs USU

UNC Tournament: 1st Place

A side vs Red Rocks: W

B side vs CU B side: W

A side vs UNC: W

B side vs Western State: W

A side vs CC: W

B side vs CSU (semi): L

B side vs CC: L, finished 4th

A side vs CSU (final): W 48-0

Rocky Mountain Regional Qualifiers: 2nd Place

USA Rugby National Championships: 9th Place

7-29 vs Stanford

0-27 vs Virginia

25-5 vs Texas Tech

22-0 vs North Carolina

12-10 vs UC Davis

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15s: Fall 2014 

vs CSU: W 72-17

vs Black Ice: L 12-36

vs Navy: W 47-22

vs CC: W 24-12

vs CSU: W 53-19

vs BYU: L 5-34

vs UNM: L 20-55

vs Army: L 7-29

vs CU: W 115-10

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